All About Flooring

All About Flooring


We have lived in this house 10 years and have never supplanted flooring (beside lavatories) however that is going to change. The mis-coordinated cover that is who knows how old must go! The subfloor I recolored in lieu of including real deck has gone through more promising times. The ground surface in the entire house should be changed. The main inquiry is, the thing that do I supplant them with?

How about we move all through the house and discuss alternatives.

The Kitchen and Dining Area

Water is the issue and the hang up in this space. Hardwood doesn’t appear like a smart thought yet I need hardwood in whatever is left of the upstairs. Perhaps it is on the grounds that I have lived with an interwoven of deck for so long, however I might want my deck to coordinate in any event all on a similar level. So on the off chance that I am not happy with hardwood in the kitchen, does that mean no to hardwood somewhere else? Musings? This is the place you procure your keep and ring in πŸ˜‰

Presently I have cover however it is not exceptionally reasonable looking. They have progressed significantly in 10 years!

kitchen-war room

The Living Room and Hallway

I will concede that despite the fact that I need hardwood in these ranges and despite the fact that water is not an issue, regardless I waver. I have 5 great reasons and I birthed everything except one of them. Having children and a puppy influence a great deal of my beautifying choices including flooring. I have never lived with hardwood floors (my subfloors that are taking on the appearance of hardwood are in reality delicate and effortlessly scratched and gouged), so hit me up with the cool hard truth. Do they ding and scratch? Will I lament the cash I spent?



To be completely forthright, I think I have officially decided on the stairs. Our home is old and our stairs are steep. I think for security reasons, it is best to do twofold cushion and cover. Do you think on the off chance that I picked a cover shading that firmly coordinated the ground surface of the upstairs and first floor that it would be okay? I have seen it done in costly custom homes so I am accepting it is not totally forbidden.

Storm cellar

The storm cellar is an exquisite blend of mint green cover, pinkish tan cover, forrest green cover, (all of which are recolored) and cement. The solid is not level. I know, I know. You are supposing I won the ground surface lottery with that mental picture I just made. Try not to be excessively envious. So here is my BIG inquiry. How essential is having floor covering in a room? Am I totally nuts for considering utilizing a ground surface that is not cover? I will concede that there was a period that I thought you HAD to have cover in a room yet I am warming up to different choices.

I have given it a great deal of thought and I think for the storm cellar I am will utilize the vinyl board flooring that resembles wood. It is waterproof and super strong. In the about 80 years this house has existed, it has never overflowed however in the event that it at any point did (the water warmer and clothes washer are both down there) it is decent to have a ground surface that could withstand it. I think it would be okay in the rooms in the event that we utilized range floor coverings. I simply don’t care for getting up and having my feet touch a cool, hard floor.

old cover

What’s more, in the event that the mental pic was insufficient, here you go in all it’s terrible magnificence.

Okay, so what I am thinking about (however I am interested in different thoughts) starting at the present moment is…

Upstairs either cover or vinyl board flooring. I can’t focus on hardwood as a result of the kitchen and in light of the fact that I am terrified they would imprint and scratch effectively. Cover on the stairs that matches the overlay and afterward vinyl boards in the storm cellar with adorable territory mats in the rooms. In the event that I did an alternate kind of ground surface upstairs I would endeavor to coordinate the shading however much as could be expected to the deck first floor.

Am I the special case who worries about ground surface coordinating or what sort to get? I would love your info! It would be ideal if you disclose to me you’re flooring stories. I need the great, the terrible and the revolting πŸ™‚


So a large number of you discussed the wood looking tile that I thought I would address my musings in the post. I am trusting that some of you who have this tile can address my worries and reveal to me what you consider it.

For one thing, I think it is shocking. Dazzling! I strolled in a ground surface store a day or two ago and they had vast sheets tiled in it and notwithstanding when super close it I thought it was wood. So the look is not my hang up. I have two concerns. As a matter of first importance, when I have lived with tile in the living territory before, when something drops on it either smashs the thing or the tile itself chips. On the off chance that this tile chips, is it a similar shading all through? Will the chip be perceptible? Tile is by all accounts colder than other non cover decisions as well.

Likewise, I HATE tiling. I would need to procure it out or go the OCD in me would go insane. Two little lavatories almost did this momma in. Procuring it out would expand the cost with the goal that makes me delay. I am shabby πŸ™‚


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